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Vertaling in het engels

 Battle of Noordhorn

The “entrenchment” Noordhorn lay on the place where now the mill is situated.
It served as Spanish defence against Dutch, Scottish and English troops.
After the death of the Spanish commander in chief Rennenberg (1581)
, Verdugo became his successor.

To help Count Willem Lodewijk, the Dutch government sent Scottish and English troops, Bartolomew Balfour and Sir John Norrits, also horsemen led by the Scottish Colonel Sir William Edmond.
In July 1581 the Spanish were beaten between Grijpskerk and Visvliet. Niezijl was conquered.

Verdugo encamped his troops in Noordhorn, where he built an entrenchment on the “molenberg”.
Norrits had gotten enforcement from Count Willem Lodewijk. Together they decided to attack Verdugo.

Willem Lodewijk’s men were ambushed and suffered great losses.
The Scottish and English were attacked in the left flank and could not maintain.
In spite of their outnumbering the Dutch were beaten and they suffered more than 1000 dead and many wounded men.
Count Willem Lodewijk and sir John Norrits got hurt; in great pains they could escape to Niezijl by foot.

The Dutch wounded were nursed in the church of Zuidhorn and various other big buildings; probably also the Hanckemaborg (in Zuidhorn).
Niezijl could resist the superior forces in spite of Verdugo 's attempts to conquer the place.

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